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Who we are

A young Brazilian enterprise rising quickly. We are constantly building a great team, and that is what matters most. Business are made up by people, and we are proud to be surrounded by great people. In our team we have engineers, designers, developers, executives, bikers, musicians, surfers, photographers and many others. All good people. No surprise why we are growing so fast: everyone working happily to develop, build up and deliver great service. We are located at Florianópolis (a.k.a. Floripa), SC, in southern Brazil.
Floripa is a high-tech center in the country. But is also know by it's beautifull beaches and great outdoors. We love this place, as well as we love what we do.

Our solutions

  • For schools
  • For companies

Ahgora School Attendence System

Ahgora School Attendence System is a good tool for good administration in schools, universities and every learning institution.

Following up children attendance is not a matter for school managment only, though. Parents need information about their children, and the students themselves want to check their data - anywhere, anytime.

It also includes a cashless system, allowing the pupils to have less money on themselves, reducing the risk of bullying or even theft.

By using your own private login and password, you can retrieve data online anytime, as well as having access to relevant information through SMS and/or e-mail.

It means you'll have accurate and reliable information available real-time. The system allows you to choose different access levels for each user. You feel more comfortable with your strategic decisions, and parents feel their kids are safer under your care.

Ahgora Time & Attendence System

We have an Attendance Management System hosted in Cloud. What is the difference? Simple: it requires no software installation. You simply access the system from any internet browser and you are ready to go. And we mean anytime, anywhere and always updated with the latest features.

Why is it good for you

Besides being in the cloud, allowing you to access at any time and anywhere, we have other reasons to convince you that our Attendance Management System is a great service. At Ahgora we have committed people working constantly to deliver the best solution that suits your business.
And our system is organic, always improving solutions on demand, because this is the way we do: always connected with our partners and customers. Do you have any issue or suggestion? Let us know! We'll love to apply it and keep improving our solution! This is our way to assure that you'll always be satisfied.

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